The Oxford Samuel Beckett Theatre Trust

Promoting innovation in theatre

The Oxford Samuel Beckett Theatre Trust Award 2005

The winning proposal was Almost Blue, a collaboration between sound designer Gareth Fry, radio and theatre director Lu Kemp, director/choreographer Dominic Leclerc, producer Neil Laidlaw and writer Chris Dunkley.

The story, based on a dark thriller by Carlo Lucarelli, centres around a blind synaesthete who is able to hear sound in colour. Focusing on how sound can lead narrative and shift perspective and orientation, the production explores the interaction between the visual and the aural.

Time Out
"The cast ... is impressive, and the physical theatre, choreographed by Leclerc, is fantastic"

The Independent
"It boasts innovation by the truckload ... highly energetic and slickly produced"

The Guardian
"A production of genuine panache, choreographed with flair"

London Evening Standard
"Impressive incidentals ... sophisticated use of banks of sound technology"

Final shortlisted candidates for the 2005 award were Lucinka Eisler, Ben Lewis and Guilia Innocenti for Hysteria, Alex Ferguson for With Houses Made out of Paper, Indian Runner Productions for Trailer and Robert Violette with Birth.

Almost Blue
Studio 3, Riverside Studios
Crisp Road, Hammersmith W6
20th November to 11th December, 2005