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The Oxford Samuel Beckett Theatre Trust Award 2006

The winner for 2006 was The Work Theatre Collective. Founded in 2003, it is dedicated to the collaborative creation of theatre both textually rich and visually bold. The Work is committed to pushing thematic boundaries and constantly exploring the essence of theatrical presentation.

The Work's winning proposal was for Project E: An Explosion, a theatrical examination of the explosion as metaphor, event and dramatic device, as well as an exploration into the way in which the narratives of entertainment shape our contemporary world. Are we fully conditioned by sudden tragedy, sudden epiphany and instant gratification — or is there another way?

The Stage
"A timely and inventive exploration of terrorism, paranoia and media mania"

Final shortlisted candidates were Lost Dog with Found Wanting, Indian Runner Productions with The War in Heaven, Mitchell Moreno with RSVP and Adrian Osmond with Doppelganger.

Project E: An Explosion
Lavender Hill, London SW11 5TN
Tuesay, 31st October Sunday, 19th November, 2006