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The Oxford Samuel Beckett Theatre Trust Award 2013

The winners of The Oxford Samuel Becket Theatre Trust Award 2013 were Kristin & Davy McGuire, who create theatrical interventions with paper pop-up books, projections, performance, automation and animation. The Paper Architect tells the tale of a lonely man who longs for a life he never lived. Secluded in his workshop, he builds intricate paper models that become vessels for his eccentric dreams and melancholic memories.

The Paper Architect was part of the Barbican 2013 season and Create London. It is now touring internationally.

"The Paper Architect" trailer.

Reviews for The Paper Architect

“Wide-eyed wonderment is the only possible response to the hand-crafted, minutely detailed pop-up designs. The McGuires have created a miniature world of trembling delicacy that draws the audience in closer and closer the longer we look at it.” The Sunday Times ****

“Is it theatre, is it animation, is it an installation? Whatever pigeonhole you stuff it in, The Paper Architect is a remarkable, quietly thrilling show that I would urge anyone to make the effort to see … makes the jaw drop and the head whirl.” The Times ****

“A story that is magically executed … with a gossamer touch that leaves you shivering.” Metro ****

Research and development grants: A showcase of new theatre: 11-13 October 2012

Selected for their boldness and innovation, the finalists of The Oxford Samuel Beckett Theatre Trust Award 2013 presented their entries to the public and a panel of judges.

These works in progress were a chance to catch a glimpse of the strong theatrical visions and ideas of a new generation of artists: three nights encompassing digital and participatory theatre, live art and dance, an eclectic showcase of imaginative talents.

Everything Must Leave Some Kind of Mark by Analogue
A work in progress, Analogue’s live event for a small audience, inspired by a reading of Tom McCarthy’s novel Remainder. The audience joined them inside a meta-theatrical investigation into the nature of rehearsing and the problem of authentically inhabiting the world.

Still I Pray by The Building Site
A promenade performance examining the concept of church sanctuary, recognised by English law until the 17th century, interweaving contemporary and historical stories and involving the audience in the action. A work in progress created specifically for performance at St. Bartholomew the Great, one of the oldest churches in London.

The Look of The Thing by Hannah Bruce
Headphones bring a narrator's voice close inside each audience member's head, creating an intimate soundworld. The encounter is a combination of meditation and exploration, in the interplay of movement, light, architecture and sound.

These Bones of Mine by Curious Directive
A collaboration with Centroid 3D (Pinewood Studios) weaving live motion-capture technology, video, music and movement to unravel the true story of our fragile bones.

These Trees are Made of Blood by Amy Draper
With the world watching, Argentina has won the 1978 World Cup and patriotism is running riot. So come on in – the club’s open all hours, drinks are cheap and the music hot in this cabaret style show about Argentina's Disappeared which intertwines live music and narrative.

Theatre on a Long Thin Wire by Future Ruins
Inspired by composer Alvin Lucier’s piece of music generated by a single vibrating copper wire, this production strips the theatre experience down to a bare room, an audience and a mysterious voice.

Parting by Kristin & Davy McGuire
Award-winning Bristol-based directors, designers and performers who work in the fields of art, animation, theatre, dance and filmmaking.

There are Snakes by Simple8
The experiences of a linguist and Christian missionary as he struggles to master the language of the Pirahă tribe in the Amazon rainforest. Based on the book by Daniel Everett.

A Study Of Who by State of Flux
State of Flux, a dance company directed by Heather Eddington, collaborates with poet Anna Mae Selby and lighting-installation company Nocte to create a multi-layered performance.

Hate by Studio Dubbelagent
Adaption for the stage of La Haine, a milestone of 1990s French cinema by Mathieu Kassovitz using theatre, hip hop and music video.

Unexpected Item by UndertheBed
For thousands of years the sun was worshipped as our god: the great provider, the source of all life. Now our sustenance comes from another source. An all-singing, all-dancing shopping trip round a maze of social, ecological and ethical dubiousness: the madness of the supermarket.

Mental by The Vacuum Cleaner
After 10 years of being an outlaw and inpatient, artist activist The Vacuum Cleaner presented an autobiographical performance told through his psychiatric records, police intelligence files and corporate injunctions collected through the Data Protection and Freedom of Information Acts.